Static website with wordpress? No thanks!


I had a fancy shmancy website with wordpress, and I was very proud! Nice pentest tooling logos, badges for showing off, great header image. But besides terrible loading times, 3 hours to set up a 2min reading time blog post or hard time customizing css… none of that really showed what I was actually learning or even who I really became after entering the cybersec world.


Then, in a video of my brother David, I remembered that his guest Graham Helton (great guy) had a great website!

So I took a look in the source code and there it was…

<meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.68.3">

I searched for it a little bit and found out that Hugo was actually great for static websites. All I had to do was kinda renounce to all of the fancy christmasy images I liked so much.

Easy choice ^^

After some clicks and setups, got it up and running. Super simple, super clean, super fast!

If you wanna try it yourself, I got some help from this video here ;)


Cheers, Andre